Biography of Imaam Ahmed Raza 

Good news of intercession
The Holy Prophet has said, `Whoever recites Durood Shareef upon me, I will intercede for him.` (Al Qaulul-Badi`, P117, Dar-ul-Kutub-ul-Ilmiyyah Beirut)

The auspicious birth
AlaHazrat Imaam-e-AhleSunnah, Mujaddid of the Ummah, reviver of the Sunnah, destroyer of bid`ah, scholar of Shariah, guide of tareeqah, fountain of blessing, Allama Moulana AlHaaj AlHafiz AlQari AshShah Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan was born on Monday the 10th of Shawaal 1272ah (14th June 1856) at the time of Salaa-tuz-Zuhr in a place
called Jasoli, which is in the city of Bareilly Shareef, India. The name corresponding to that year of his birth was Al-Mukhtaar. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P58, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi) His birth name was Muhammad but his grandfather named him `Ahmad Raza`, and so it was by this name that he was famously known. (Al-Malfooz, Part 1, P3, Mushtaq book corner, Markaz-ul-Auliya Lahore)

Incident from childhood
Sayyid Ayub Ali says that when AlaHazrat was a young child, a Maulvi Sahib used to come to his house to teach him. One day, the Maulvi Sahib was repeatedly telling AlaHazrat to say a word, but AlaHazrat could not pronounce it. The Maulvi Sahib was pronouncing the word with a zabr but AlaHazrat was pronouncing the same word with a zer instead. It happened time and time again. The grandfather of AlaHazrat , Moulana Raza Ali Khan also witnessed this situation and called AlaHazrat to himself and asked for the Holy Qur`an. Moulana Raza Ali Khan noticed that the copyist had accidentally placed a zabr instead of a zer and was astonished to see that the pronunciation of Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan was actually accurate and perfect. His respected grandfather asked, `Ahmad Raza Khan ! Why are you not following your teacher?` AlaHazrat politely replied, `I tried my best to follow the pronunciation of my teacher but I lost control over my tongue.` The Maulvi Sahib witnessed many other peculiar incidences similar to this one and once privately asked AlaHazrat , `Oh son, be honest with me, I promise I will not tell anybody, are you a human or a Jinn?` AlaHazrat replied, `All praise be to Allah , I`m human, however, the grace and generosity of Allah accompanies me all the time (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P68, Maktaba-tul-Madina Karachi)

First fatwa
At the age of 13 years, 10 months and 4 days, after studying the prevalent sciences under the guidance of his respected father Moulana Naqi Ali Khan , a Dastàar (accomplishment of Islamic studies) was awarded to AlaHazrat . On this very day, he wrote a Fatwa and presented it to his respected father Moulana Naqi Ali Khan who found it absolutely correct. Looking to the talent of his son, Moulana Naqi Ali Khan authorised AlaHazrat to work as a Mufti and AlaHazrat continued this until the end. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P279, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)
AlaHazrat as a mathematician
Allah had blessed AlaHazrat with knowledge of great sciences. AlaHazrat wrote about fifty different types of knowledge and was an expert in every single science. AlaHazrat was such a professional astronomer and astrologer that he would set his clock just by observing the sun in the day and the stars at night. The time that he would set would always be precise and accurate with not even a minute difference. AlaHazrat was also a unique and remarkable mathematician. Once, Sir Zia-ud-Deen, vice chancellor of Ali Gar university, a prominent Mathematician of Indo-Pak Subcontinent, and holder of many international degrees, came to Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan . After greeting Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan , he asked the mathematician the purpose of coming. He answered, `I have come to seek help in solving a mathematical problem.` Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan asked, `What is the problem?` The vice-Chancellor explained, `It is not such an ordinary and easy problem that I can state it in such a way.` However, Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan again asked, `What is the problem?` The vice chancellor hesitantly presented the full complexity of the problem but to his astonishment, Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan solved the problem immediately! In a state of awe and shock at the speed of the solution that Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan had provided, he exclaimed, `My intention had been to travel to Germany for the solution but Professor Moulana Sayyid Suleiman Ashraf (Professor of Islamic studies) guided me here. It seemed as if you were observing the solution of this problem in a book.` When the vice-chancellor returned home, due to the impact of this experience, he grew a beard and became punctual in performing salaah and fasting. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P223-228, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)
Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan was also proficient in arithmetic, astrology, astronomy, Ilm-e-Ja`far etc.

Extraordinary memory
Abu Haamid Sayyid Muhammad Khachauchi says that when people gave up finding the references for Fiqh in order to reply to questions, they would go to AlaHazrat who would provide the precise book references straight away. AlaHazrat would say, `look in rad-dul-muhtaar, so and so volume and so and so page, you will see the passage written down. It is written down in the book of Alamgiri, so and so volume, so and so page, so and so line etc.` When the people obtained the books, they would find the passage or sentence written down exactly as AlaHazrat had said. We can only say that this is surely God-given unique memory, that he knew even the `1400 year old books`, off by heart. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P210, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)

Memorising the Qur`an in just one month
Sayyid Ayub Ali states that one day AlaHazrat said, `Some people, out of unawareness, write `Hafiz` before my name even though I am not worthy of this title.` Sayyid Ayub says that on that very same day, AlaHazrat started memorising the Qur`an. The daily routine was most probably from after he made his wudu for Isha up until the time of Isha Jama`at. AlaHazrat memorised one Para (Chapter) every day and so finished the 30th Para on the 30th day. On one occasion, AlaHazrat said, `I have managed to memorise the entire Qur`an in the correct order just so that the people of Allah who assume that I am a Hafiz not are not proven wrong. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P208, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)

Love for the Prophet
From head to toe, AlaHazrat was an example of love for the Prophet . The love that AlaHazrat had for the Prophet can be acknowledged by reading `Hadaiq-e-Bakhshish`, in which every line of every page is proof of the fact that the most sacred thing in the world to AlaHazrat was the love of the Prophet . Every single verse which he has written praising the Prophet from the depths of his heart, testifies his immense love & admiration for the Prophet . AlaHazrat never ever wrote flattering poems in praise of a chief or a governor to persuade or convince them of  something, because AlaHazrat had whole-heartedly accepted the slavery, servitude and obedience of the Holy Prophet . He expressed this fact in the following verse:

Refraining from flattering the governors
Once, the poets composed poems in praise & compliment of the governor of Nan-Para (district Behraich-UP). Some people requested AlaHazrat to also compose a poem in praise of the Governor. In reply to this, AlaHazrat wrote a Naat Shareef which begun like this:

And in the last verse of his poem, AlaHazrat very elegantly writes,

AlaHazrat says why should I compliment the rich? I am a beggar of the gate of my merciful Prophet . My religion is not `Para-e-Naan`. `Para` means a piece and `Naan` means `Roti`, which metaphorically implies that I will not sell myself to the worldly kings.

Vision of the Prophet while awake
When AlaHazrat went on Hajj for the second time, he spent much of his time at the holy site of the green dome of the Holy Prophet . He longed to see the Holy Prophet and so kept reciting Durood Shareef for a long time in front of the gold wire mesh. On the first night, his desire was not fulfilled, and he became drowned in sadness. He felt loneliness and wrote a lyric in love of the Holy Prophet . This begins,

In the last verse he showed his extreme love, devotion, affection & humility for the Holy Prophet :

(In the second line of the above verse, AlaHazrat , due to humbleness, used the word `dog` for himself, but, Sag-e-Madina has politely written `shaida` instead.) AlaHazrat recited this verse whilst he respectfully sat in front of the blessed grave. Suddenly, his fortune awoke and he was blessed with the Holy vision of The Beloved of Allah, The Holy Prophet . (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P92, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)
Subhan-Allah ! May we be sacrificed over those eyes that had physically seen the beloved of Allah ! And why would he not have? Because the love of the beloved Prophet had overpowered him and he was `lost in the contemplation of the beloved Prophet `. This is evident from His poetry.
A glance at the Seerah of AlaHazrat
AlaHazrat has said, `If someone splits my heart into two, on one side you would see and on the other you would see .`  (Sawanih Imaam Ahmad Raza, P96, Maktaba Nooria Razviya Sakhar)
In the eyes of the period`s eminent & respected scholars, AlaHazrat was literally lost in the love & contemplation of the Beloved Prophet . Often, he remained in sorrow & sadness due to separation from The Holy Prophet .  When AlaHazrat read the blasphemous & insulting statements written by the `paid insulters`, the eyes of AlaHazrat would fill with water. He courageously refuted & condemned those who insulted the dignity & integrity of the Holy Prophet , as he realised that by doing this, he could divert their attention away from the Holy Prophet and towards himself instead. For this reason, AlaHazrat felt very proud & privileged to protect the integrity of the Noble Prophet by taking the verbal abuse unto himself, instead of the noble Prophet . AlaHazrat would thank Allah that He had made him act as a `shield` and `barrier` between the Noble Prophet and the evil insulters and blasphemers.
AlaHazrat would never send the poor away disappointed and empty handed. He always helped the poor and needy. Even before his death, he told his friends and relatives to look after the poor people by saying, `Please them by feeding them delicious food and do not shout or threat them in any way.` AlaHazrat would often be occupied in writing and compiling books. AlaHazrat always offered his salaah with jama`at, ate very little food, and would not sleep more than 1½ to 2 hours. (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P96, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi)
A unique way of sleeping 
When sleeping, AlaHazrat would place his thumb upon his index finger to form the word . He would never stretch or spread his feet whilst asleep, but he would sleep on his right hand side with both hands together and placed under his head. He would then close his legs to form the word . (Hayat-e-AlaHazrat, V1, P99, Maktaba-tul-Madina, Baab-ul-Madina Karachi) These are the elegant manners of the lovers of Allah and His noble Messenger .Train remained still!
Once, AlaHazrat was travelling from Peeli-Bheet to Bareilly via train. During the journey, the train stopped at Nawab-Ganj train station for two minutes. Maghrib time had also commenced so AlaHazrat along with his companions left the train and came onto the platform to offer their salaah. The companions were worried that the train would leave without them, but AlaHazrat remained very calm and asked one of his companions to say the Adhaan. Straight after Adhaan & Iqaamat, Jama`at started. Meanwhile, the driver was busy in starting the engine but mysteriously, the train would not move. All the people including the senior officers of the station all gathered together to see what was wrong. `There is nothing wrong with the engine!` said the driver. Suddenly, a `Pundit` (Hindu) yelled and said, `Look over there! A `Darvesh` is praying, perhaps that`s the reason why the train is not moving!` Everybody gathered around AlaHazrat . As soon as AlaHazrat had peacefully finished praying, he boarded the train along with the rest of his companions, and the train started moving.
It`s true that the one who is obedient and submissive towards Allah , the entire world becomes submissive towards him.
Books & Compilations
AlaHazrat has written approximately 1000 books. Other than this, AlaHazrathas written thousands of `Fatawa` (rulings) from the period 1286H-1340H, but sadly, not all of them have been recovered. Those that have been, are collectively entitled as `Al`ata yanabavia fil Fatawa-e-Razaviya`. The New Edition of `Fatawa-e-Razaviya` consists of 30 volumes, 21656 pages, 6847 questions and answers and up to 206 booklets. (Fatawa-e-Razaviya (New Edition) V30, P10, Raza Foundation, Markaz-ul-Auliya Lahore) Every Fatwa contains an ocean of knowledge. You can appreciate and acknowledge the knowledge and far-sightedness of AlaHazrat with regards to Qur`an, Hadith, Fiqh, Mantiq (logic) by studying his Fatawa. The names of some of his other books are stated below;  : AlaHazrat wrote this book condemning those people who slander and blame Allah of lying and say that He عَزَّوَجَل is capable of doing so. This booklet astonished and gob-smacked his rivals & opponents. : In this book, AlaHazrat , through verses of the Holy Qur`an, has proven that the earth is motionless & stationary and has refuted the scientist`s theories of the earth rotating. Also, etc.Translation of the Holy Qur`an
The Urdu translation of the Holy Qur`an written by AlaHazrat is dominant over all present Qur`an Translations. (Sawanih Imaam Ahmad Raza, P373, Maktaba Nooria Razaviya Sakhar) The
ranslation written by AlaHazrat is called `Kanzul-Imaan`. The spiritual successor of AlaHazrat , Moulana
Sayyid Naeem-ud-Deen Muraadabaadi has written the commentary inside Kanzul-Imaan.

The demise of AlaHazrat 
AlaHazrat himself professed his own death, four months and twenty days before his demise. He derived his demise year from the following verse of the Holy Quran:-

Translation Kanzul-Imaan: Rounds of silver cups and silver beakers  (Sawanih Imaam Ahmed Raza, P384, Maktaba Nooria Razaviya Sakhar)
It was Friday the 25th of Safar-ul-Muzaffar 1340 (28th October 1921), at exactly 2:38pm, when the Muazzin was giving Adhaan. When the Muazzin recited , AlaHazrat Imaam-e-AhleSunnah, Mujaddid of the Ummah, reviver of the Sunnah, destroyer of bid`ah, scholar of Shariah, guide of tareeqah, fountain of blessing, Allama Moulana AlHaaj AlHafiz AlQari AshShah Imaam Ahmed Raza Khan departed from this mundane world.The blessed grave of Sayyiduna AlaHazrat  is situated in Muhalla Saudagran, Bareilly Shareef in India (UP) and is open to the general public to pay their respects & tribute.Anticipation in the court of the beloved Prophet 
In India, as Imaam Ahmad Raza Khan  was passing away, at precisely the same time, a pious man from Syria was dreaming in Bait-ul-Maqaddas. He related that the beloved Prophet  was sitting among his companions  and it was if they were waiting for someone. There was a silence in the gathering. Curious about this, the Syrian pious man moved forward and asked the beloved Prophet , `For whom are you waiting?` The beloved prophet  replied `We are waiting for Ahmad Raza`. The person asked, `Who is he?` The beloved Prophet  replied `He is an inhabitant of Bareilly in India` When this Saint awoke, he immediately journeyed from Syria to Bareilly Shareef to meet AlaHazrat , but to his dismay, he learnt that AlaHazrat  had already departed from this world.(Sawanih Imaam Ahmed Raza, P391, Maktaba Nooria Razaviya Sakhar).

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