Kanzuliman Islamic Library

Branch/Unit Registration Form

Declaration for New Branch & Unit registration

By registering for a Branch/Unit of Kanzuliman Foundation. I hereby declare that the information submitted in this form is true and correct in the best of my knowledge and belief. The branch/unit in my locality will work ‘Not-for-Profit’. I also declare that I am a responsible Indian citizen and abide by its constitutional values thus I shall not engaged/associated myself with any anti-social or anti-national activities. That, if any of the members found to indulge in any of such activities, he/she shall be solely responsible. That neither Kanzuliman Foundation nor any of its members will be responsible for the same and his/her membership will be freeze and cancelled with immediate effect. I also accept and declare that I will be abide by the Rules and Regulations, Mission and Vision of Kanzuliman Foundation and will ensure an active participation in all of its activities related to Education, National Integration, Social, Community Welfare, Taleem, Ilm and Razawiyat. That, any violation of the above said declaration will result into cancellation of my membership and the violating authority shall be whole so whole responsible and Kanzuliman Foundation will have no connection to him/her and shall not be responsible for his/her unlawful activity.