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Our Non-Profit Initiative

Project CARE

In 2020, Project CARE was started as a non-profit initiative under the flagship of Kanzuliman Foundation to help destitute have access to quality education, healthcare services and nutritious food in India. With a population of nearly 1.3 billion there is an immediate and ongoing need of initiatives like Project CARE. Join our non-profit team as a volunteer and Visit our nonprofit portal to learn more about our campaigns and problems we are trying to solve

Note: we are a sole educational foundation working to promote literacy, healthcare, food programs and Sufi values in the society, we do not endorse any donations or funds from anyone, only contributions can be made for humanitarian campaigns. Our initiatives are totally non-profit and non-political in nature.

Join us a Volunteer

A team of volunteers that loves to help society

We’re building a non-profit team!

Work as a volunteer or intern at our NGO DIVISION for our non-profit projects. If you are looking for free volunteering opportunities join our Nonprofit team. We are inviting applications for 3, 6 & 12 months of volunteer certification program. All of the opportunities are learning opportunities and are unpaid with no compensation and monitory benefit.

Apply using this online form on this page or share your CV/Resume at info.kanzuliman@gmail.com

Our NGO Volunteer Program

  • Volunteering & internship opportunities for students and professionals
  • Get certification for your volunteer services
  • Career benefits – learn new skills, develop leadership skills and expand your network
  • Read FAQs before you proceed