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Starting of Understanding Kanzuliman Foundation Class-1 from Kanpur

Online Academy

Online learning classes on Islam, modern education & skill development

Class1: Understanding Kanzuliman - a gateway to Taleem, Ilm and Razawiyāt

This session is must for all the members who have joined Kanzuliman and wish to understand the working methodology. This session will help you understand the basic idea of Kanzuliman Islamic library, the motives with which it is setup and how you could be a part of this esteemed institution/organisation.

Current Lesson of Makhraj Lab-1

Current Lesson of Makhraj Lab-1

Tajweed Intensive

Class2: a classic 15 days intensive program on learning skills related to correct recitation & pronunciation of the Noble Quran.

As part of our skill development initiatives, a 15-day online webinar training session on Basics of Quranic Transliteration for newly joined members at Kanzuliman and also, for those who wish to join Kanzuliman.

Starting: 16 November 2019 (Batch-1), 2 December 2019 (Batch-2) &  17 December 2019 (Batch-3),

14 November 2019 (Batch-G1),

Intake: 30

Weekly Practical Labs: Monday & Wednesday

Duration: 15 days

Mode of Communication: Official WhatsApp Group of Tajweed Class & Official Conference Call

Mode of Assignment & Test: Google Classroom & Oral Test through Official Conference Call

Mode of PPT Presentation: Hangout & Official Conference Call

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