Kanzuliman Islamic Library


The Blessed Patronage

"Sarparasti Rahegi, Hamesha Rahegi"


It was the year 2007 when one of the most respected scholars of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah in the sub-continent, the Grandson of Aalahazrat & Huzoor Ustad-e-Zaman Huzoor Sadrululama Hazrat Allama Tehseen Raza Khan Muhaddis Barelvi Alaihir’rahma awarded his blessed Patronage to Kanzuliman Islamic Library. While awarding his noble patronage to the library, these were the blessed words of Huzoor Sadrululama “Sarparasti Rahegi, Hamesha Rahegi” in Shā Allah. Since then this noble atheneum of knowledge gained a spiritual repute and today, Kanzuliman is a known name among the common masses and seekers of knowledge in Bareilly Shareef. In the year 2017, Kanzuliman Islamic Library got its new destination and Alhamdulillah, its the Dargah of the same noble Muhaddith who once awarded His Patronage to this institution. Today, the library is situated at 1st Floor of Khanqah-e-Aaliyah Qadriya Razawiyya Nooria Tehsinia -  the blessed resting mausoleum of Huzoor Sadrululma for readers & visitors.

The Blessed life and services of Huzoor Sadrululama

Mazhar-e-Mufti Aazam-e-Hind Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Tehseen Raza Khan Alaihir'Rahma

Huzoor Sadrululama started his education from a Madarsa situated in Mirzai Masjid and in order to attain higher knowledge of Arabic and Persian he joined the famous Madarsa Mazhar-e-Islam which is situated in Bareilly Shareef. After the partition of India & Pakistan his blessed teacher Hazrat Maulana Sardar Ahmad Sahab decided to get settled in Faisalabad (Pakistan) and there he laid the foundation of the famous Madarsa ” Mazhar-e-Islam”. Huzoor Sadrululama was very much interested in joining this Madarsa in Faisalabad (Pakistan) under the guidance of his respected teacher and with the permission of his father he went to Pakistan and joined the Madarsa where he completed his most of the education.

Huzoor Sadrululama was awarded the spiritual award of Khilafat by his beloved teacher Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind Radi Allahu Anhu on the occasion of Urs-e-Razwi in 1380 Hijri and not only this during the Khilafat ceremony Huzoor Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind wrote the following beautiful lines for his beloved student on the certificate which was awarded to Huzoor Sadrululma during the ceremony.

“Qurrato Aini Wa Durrato Zaini Tehseen Raza Khan”

Translation: “Tehseen Raza Khan is the coolness of my eyes and the pearl of my grace ”

His life as teacher

Huzoor Sadrululama taught 18years in Jamia Mazhar-e-Islam , 7 years in Jamia Razvia Manzar-e-Islam, and for 23 years he continued his teaching in Jamia Nooriya Razwiya, and at the last, he joined Jamia-tur-Raza - Centre for Islamic Studies in Bareilly Shareef where he continued teaching for approx 2.5 years.

His Journey to Haramain Sharifain

Huzoor Sadrululama performed haj in 1986.

"Meri har aarzoo ka mahasal Tehseen bas ye hai

Kisi soorat pahunch jaoon mein Darbar-e-Payambar mein"



His Marriage

Huzoor Sadrululama married the daughter of Hazrat Saeed Ullah Khan from whom he had three sons - Hazrat Maulana Hassan Raza Khan, Maulana Rizwan Raza Khan, Muhammad Suhaib Raza Khan and a daughter Aarifa Begum.

His beautiful character

Huzoor Sadrululama was an ocean of knowledge within himself, wisdom and piety but instead of having all these qualities he lived a very humble and simple life. He was also blessed with a great personality that resembles that of Tajdar-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Huzoor Mufti-e-Aazam-e-Hind Radi'Allahu Anhu and this is the reason He was popularly known by the name Mazhar-e-Mufti-e-Aazam-e-Hind among the Ulama and common folks.

Wealth, worldly satisfaction and happiness can be given appreciation by anyone but such people do not have the spiritual insight that can put a smile on the face of a depressed person. But Huzoor Sadrululama was awarded both these treasure of physical as well as spiritual insight to help the needy and the sad-hearted, every day a huge number of people use to come to him to receive spiritual fragrance and who so ever comes on his doors with an empty bag use to return with a bag filled with spiritual guidance nobody returns with empty hands Sadrululma use to fill the damans of the askers with the fragrance of his beautiful smile.

His Fatawa and Poetry

Huzoor Sadrululama had never shown himself because of his love towards simplicity and the reason why common folks were simply unable to acknowledge his greatness and could understand what a great Aalim was he. His Fatawa was published by the "Fatawa Zia-ul-Uloom" and there is a collection of Naats wriiten by Him which was later compiled under the title "Gulha-e-Bakhshish"


Sadrululma left this worldly world in a road accident between Chandrapur & Nagpur on 18, Rajab al' Murajjab 1428th Hijri i.e 3rd August 2007 {a.d}. The Janaza Salah of Sadrululama was lead by Tajushshriya Allama Akhtar Raza Khan al'Maroof Azhari Mian Sahab at Islamia Inter College ground in Bareilly Shareef. According to reports published by various reputed news agencies reported that His Janaza was attended by approx. 5 lakh people.