Kanzuliman Islamic Library


The Holy Quran

For Decades & even centuries the copies of the Qur’an are created in cities such as Lebanon, Damascus, Istanbul, Herat, Baghdad, Cairo, Delhi, etc. These volumes are treasured in houses, private libraries and given as gifts & rewards. Most frequently, they are donated to religious institutions to be read, recited and studied. With an intent of preserving this great treasure, Kanzuliman Islamic Library, Bareilly Shareef present you a digital collection of the Noble Quran. Now you can read Quran digitally at Kanzuliman.org in Arabic, Urdu, English, and Hindi.

We bring you one of the world's finest and most authentic translation Kanzuliman Fi Tarjama-tul-Quran written by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Alaihir'Rahma. The dedicated team of Kanzuliman presents you one of the world's largest authentic online library of Quran with translation and explanation (Tarjama & Tafseer) both in the digital text as well as in the finest quality of mp3 audio.