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Stature of Women Before & After Islam

Before Islam, the condition of women was very sad and sorrowful. There was no respect and reverence for women on this earth. Before Islam, men thought nothing of women, except that they were a means of satisfying their carnal desires. However, Islam abolished all the evil practices.

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Marriage in Islam - The Sunnah of Nikah

Islam has established that every marriage must be preceded by the consent of the woman who is to be married, whether she is a virgin or a woman who had a previous marriage. Her consent must be obtained before her father or the guardian can act for her in any marriage contract.

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Importance of Girl Child & her education in Islam

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ came at a time when the Arab society, like so many patriarchal societies at that time, was rife with abhorrent practices against girls. He preached Islam, liberating women and girls in every walk of life, education is a prime aspect.

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Islamic Laws and Online Service for Muslim Women

This section covers Islamic laws and jurisdictions related to - Menstruation (Haiz & Nifas), Istihaaza, Travel (without a Mahram), etc. Sisters are advised to feel free to reach to scholars at Kanzuliman to seek advice on specific issues, simply click on this link and ask your query.

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Modestly in Islam - Importance of Hijab

Traditional Muslim women's head, face, or body covering, of numerous varieties across time and space, often referred to as the “veil.” Hijab is a symbol of modesty, privacy, and morality. Hijab is not an oppression rather its a freedom and protection against all evils of the society.

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Propaganda against Sharia & Awareness

This section covers awareness against the fake propagandas' targetting Sharia such as the issue of Tripple Talaaq, propaganda against Hijab, etc. It will also cover awareness related to women empowerment, awareness against Wahhabi and Jewish traps to defame Islam.

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