Kanzuliman Islamic Library

Working Projects

Kanzul Iman QPEDD(Quran Pronunciation Error Detector Device): The Project for voice recognition device with software application over android, Linux & Widows is Planned which will detect Quran pronunciation Grammer(Tajweed) and result the detection success percentage for each word of the Quran statements(Ayat). Kanzul Iman QPEDD project is planned to remove the Major & Minor (Jali & Khafi) erreors(Lahan) during recitation. So this is planned to be launch as a tajweed teacher in Quranic education. The the only without hardware was available in english from 2009 by other resources company on Internet but this Kanzul Iman QPEDD is quite differ to this application.


Kanzul Iman Smart MiC: The Project is proposed for Tilawat during Namaz without ignoring the sunnah of takbeerat. This mic will neither allow any voice except tilawat nor any detestation during Namaz. This technology will help for implementation with sunnah of mukabbireen with High quality tilawat or Qirat over mic after the written permission of authentic ulamas. For detailed explanation of this islamic issue read the related books at our digital library section or click here.



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