Kanzuliman: About Us

Kanzuliman Foundation

Introduction to Kanzuliman Foundation:

• Kanzuliman Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2006.

• It comprises three major divisions: Kanzuliman Islamic Library, Kanzuliman Research, and KIF NGO (Project CARE).

• The Foundation is dedicated to various religious and social welfare initiatives.

What we do?

Kanzuliman Foundation is a non-profit organization that engages in various religious and social welfare initiatives. These include distributing free Quran copies, managing libraries, publishing
academic journals like the Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyāt, and
launching digital magazines such as Kanzul Haya for Muslim women. Additionally, the foundation is
involved in research activities and runs the KIF NGO (Project CARE) for community welfare projects.
Overall, the foundation’s primary focus is on serving the community through its religious,
educational, and social endeavors.

Kanzuliman: About Us

The Story of Kanzuliman


Dear Readers.

Together with our team at Kanzuliman Foundation, we wish you health and prosperity!

I am humbled, honored, and privileged to proffer you the second edition of Kanzul Iman Roman Transliteration published by Kanzuliman Foundation. I am deeply grateful to my spiritual master and guide, leader of the learned, grandson of the brother of Aalahazrat, Huzoor Ustad-e-Zaman Alahir'rahma- Huzoor Sadrululama Hazrat Allama Mufti Muhammad Tehseen Raza Khan Muhaddith Barelvi Alayhir Rahma for endowing his guidance and patronage on Kanzuliman Islamic Library, the inspiration behind this initiative. I am inspired by his commitment towards knowledge and his 50+ Years of unmatched selfless services as a teacher that produced thousands of scholars and one of the finest minds among Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jama'ah. An equal reverence and gratitude to Huzoor TajushSharia Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Alayhir Rahma for always blessing us with his Dua and amulets of wisdom. I am equally thankful to my parents and well wishers for their unequivocal support.

We founded this initiative in the year 2006 under the blessed Patronage of Huzoor Sadrululama Alayhir Rahma This year as we celebrate our 16th foundation year, we present you this Holy Quran with Roman transliteration of Kanzul Imän. Kanzuliman Foundation is a non-profit group of intellectuals with 3 major divisions- Kanzuliman Islamic Library, Kanzuliman Research and KIF NGO (Project CARE). From distributing free Quran, to libraries, to publishing world's first academic journal on Razawiyat (Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyat) and India's first digital magazine for Muslim women (Kanzul Haya), Alhamdulillah! There are many great religious and social welfare initiatives our team is currently working on.

In all our religious and social endeavours the role of the team members of KIF at different locations in India is significant. A special thanks to Hazrat Mawlana Hassan Raza Khan Sahab for his support. I pray for the board and members of Kanzuliman Foundation- Late Yazdani (founding member), brother Tasleem Raza (Shibu). Yasir Raza, Faimy Tehsini, Waquar Hussain, Sayyed Tabrez, Rizwan, Junaid, Junaid Raza, Maqsood Aalam, Saquib, Saleem Tehsini, Irfan Tehsini, Atif Mustafa, Kashif, Kashif Noori, Abid Tehsini, Imran Khan, Aftab. Tauheed, Mohammad Asif, Aqib Raza, Sayyed Aquib & Haider, Shakil Subhani Sahab, Muhammad Ahmad Sahab, Anamta Fatima, Maira, Mafiz, Ayesha Siddiqa, Sumaiya, Mubashshara, Alafiya and many more who supported this project. Special thanks to the committee of Ulama & Huffaz who reviewed and verified the Arabic and Roman text.


Quran for everyone campaign is our flagship free Quran distribution campaign which aims at making Quran with translation/transliteration Kanzul Iman available for everyone. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala forgive human errancies, accept this deed and grant us the Barakah of participating in publishing of the Holy Quran. May this Quran be a source of eternal Sadqa-e-Jariya and success for everyone who is part of this project, in this world and hereafter. Ameen!


Amir Hussain Tehsini

Founder & President

Kanzuliman Foundation