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About Us

Allah – beginning with the name of – the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


Established in the year 2006, Kanzuliman Foundation is named after the famous translation of the Holy Quran, the Kanzuliman penned by A’laHazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Alaihir’Rahma. The inception of the foundation came into existence in the form of a library with the name Kanzuliman Islamic Library in the year 2006 under the blessed patronage of one of the most respected scholars of AhleSunnah Wal Jama’ah in the sub-continent, the Grandson of brother of Aalahazrat Huzoor Ustad-e-Zaman –  Sadrululama Hazrat Mufti Muhammad Tehseen Raza Khan Muhaddis Barelvi Alaihir’Rahma.

While awarding his noble patronage, these were the blessed words of Huzoor Sadrululma

“Sarparasti Rahegi, Hamesha Rahegi”

in Shā Allah.

Note: We are a sole educational foundation working to promote litracy and Sufi values in the society, we do not endorse any donations or funds from anyone, only contributions can be made for humanitarian campaigns. Our initiatives are totally non-profit and non-political in nature.

The educational initiative was later later registered as Kanzuliman Foundation under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 as a non-profit, non-political minority welfare foundation working on the 10-point plan and academic legacy of Imam Ahlesunnat Mujaddid-e-Millat Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Alaihir’rahma to promote literacy and feeling of moral responsibility towards the Ummah of RasoolAllah ﷺ.

Kanzuliman Foundation started as a library in a small room at a local area named Raza Chowk, Sailani at Bareilly, U.P (INDIA) with a set of merely 50 books and today with the grace of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, At’a of RasoolAllah ﷺ and blessings of our Shuyukhs we hold 13 fully functional branches and Units across 13 major cities in India. Each branch of Kanzuliman Foundation is equipped with a knowledge center having a library and a modern computer lab. At present Kanzuliman Foundation is headquartered at Markaz-e-Ahlesunnat Bareilly Shareef having a facility of a library holding a treasure of more than 2000 hardbound titles (books) listed across various shelves and are categorised under various subjects of Islam concerning Aqa’id (Beliefs), Fiqā’h (Islamic Jurisprudence), Hadith (Sayings of the Holy Prophet), Tasawwuf (Spirituality), Usool (Principles), Nazariya (Theory), Seerah (Biography), Tareekh (History), Fatawa (Islamic Decrees) including titles on modern subjects Science and Technology, our facility at our headquarter also include a computer lab where regular computer training programs are conducted by our district unit as part of our skill development initiatives. At present Kanzuliman Foundation offers the following 10 minority welfare socio-religious services as part of its mission and vision

  1. Quran – Pan India distribution of the Holy Quran, translation Kanzuliman
  2. Online Darul’Ifta – online Fatawa Service
  3. Spiritual Services – Noori Mehfil, Dars & Spiritual healings.
  4. Establishment of knowledge centers in the form of libraries with the name Kanzuliman Islamic Library.
  5. Skill development – Setting up of computer training centers across our branches.
  6. Minority Welfare – Jobs Portal, Professional Alliance, career services
  7. Service for Muslim Women – Islah-ul-Muslima
  8. Academic Research – research journal, conferences & Seminars http://research.kanzuliman.org
  9. Minority education – small coaching centers at our knowledge centers
  10. Scholarships for students.

As part of our year 2020 expansion plan we aim to establish a Modern Islamic Educational Institute – Kanzuliman Islamic College of Modern Studies (KICMS) at Bareilly Shareef for which land has already been finalised and the construction will begin very soon in Shaa Allah.  

All our initiatves are centrally coordinated and managed from our head office at Bareilly Shareef

Our Mission & Vision

Kanzuliman Foundation aims at working on the legacy and teachings of Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Alaihir’Rahma. In order to achieve our objectives (Taleem, Ilm & Razawiyā) we align our mission & vision in accordance to that of Aalahazrat’s 10-Point plan for the revival of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah. Read more…

Our Services

  • Digital Section

As part of its digital efforts, the library aims at providing one of the largest cloud sources of digital Sunni Islamic books available online. So far the library has managed to archive more than 2000 digital titles which will be listed under its digital section. This digital source is available for the readers in “Library” section of this portal which easily accessible through a login on kanzuliman.org. The library continues to add more to its physical databank with an average rate of 100 books per month. We invite everyone to Join Us, be a reader, be a supporter and contribute your bit by learning and spreading knowledge.

  • Online Academy

This section is designed and developed in such a way that it provides an educational and learning platform for the seekers of knowledge. This academy includes scheduled online webinars, lectures and classes on diverse subjects including Islam and modern education. The online academy at kanzuliman.org/online-academy not only serves as an online learning platform, however it on the other side its also helping the Sunni youth learn skills which are must in this age of technology, regular online skill development and training classes are conducted where industry experts come online and train the aspirants.

This digital section also has an online Darul Ifta facility where internet users from around the globe can consult Ulama and can seek Decrees and their advice concerning various aspects of their daily lives. This online Darul Ifta is headed by Ulama and Scholars of Bareilly Shareef, it’s an authentic online medium to ask Online Fatwa directly from Bareilly Shareef.

  • Spiritual & Social Welfare Services

Apart from its day to day literary operations the library also supports various spiritual and social welfare activities.

  1. Noori Mehfil – a spiritual gathering.
  2. Healthcare – free medical health camps.
  3. Education – a coaching centre for modern studies, a counselling centre for students and a skill development centre for marginalized with an aim towards employability.
  4. Islamic Poster Service – visit this section for authentic Islamic posters and messages.
  5. Roti Bank – an effort to feed poor and hungry.
  6. Spiritual healing Service – Taweez and Waza’if.

Prominent figures

The movement is blessed with the Dua, patronage and support of some of the greatest personalities of Ahlesunnah Wal Jama’ah, these revered personalities have blessed Kanzuliman with their Dua, patronage, support and advice, to name a few

  • Huzoor Sadrululma Allama Tehseen Raza Khan Alaihir’rahma (Patron)
  • Huzoor Taj’al’Sharī’ah Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Sahab
  • Mufti Haneef Khan Razvi Sahab, Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Bareilly Shareef
  • Shehzada Faqih-e-Millat Mufti Anwar Ahmad Amjadi Sahab
  • Hazrat Hassan Raza Khan Sahab, Sajjada Nasheen Khanqah Sadrululama, Bareilly Shareef
  • Al’hāj Saeed Noori Sahab, Raza Academy, Mumbai.

Support and Affiliations

Kanzuliman Foundation is a well-known figure among some of the highest Sunni Sufi Barelvi centers in India, to name a few – Dargah Aalahazrat, Bareilly Shareef, Dargah Huzoor Sadrululma, Dargah Huzoor Ameen-e-Shari’at, Bareilly Shareef, Raza Academy, Mumbai, Imam Ahmad Raza Academy, Bareilly Shareef, Aalahazrat Darul Qutub, Kutub’khana Amjadia, Delhi, Gulshan-e-Fatimah Technical Institute and Jamia Tehsinia Zia-ul-Uloom, Bareilly Shareef.