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Quran in Roman English Translation - Kanzul Iman

Kanzul Iman, meaning “Treasure of Faith,” is an Urdu paraphrase translation of the Quran, authored by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Barelvi (1856-1921), a renowned Islamic scholar from Bareilly Sharif, Uttar Pradesh, India. This translation holds immense significance and widespread acceptance among Urdu-speaking Muslims worldwide due to its comprehensive nature, detailed explanations, and Quran in Roman English translation.

Quran in Diverse Editions for Every Need

The Kanzul Iman Foundation is dedicated to making the Kanzul Iman Quran accessible in various formats to cater to diverse preferences. Our offering includes:
  • Pocket-size Quran with English translation for on-the-go reading,
  • Handy size editions for portable reference, and
  • Full Quran in Roman English for a comprehensive reading experience.

Quran in Multiple Languages

In addition to Urdu, we offer Kanzul Iman in English translation for non-Urdu speakers and Roman transliteration for those unfamiliar with Urdu script or the English language. Soon, a Hindi version will be available, allowing Hindi-speaking individuals to connect with the Quran in their native language.

Quality and Depth in Translation of Quran

Each edition of Kanzul Iman maintains the quality, accuracy, and depth of the original translation. Whether you choose the Urdu, English, or Roman version, Kanzul Iman remains a valuable resource for:
  • Quran in Roman English translation,
  • Spiritual guidance,
  • Scholarly insights, and
  • Practical wisdom from the Quran.

Guidance for Spiritual Journeys

Kanzul Iman serves as a beacon of guidance (Hidayah) for individuals seeking spiritual direction, offering clarity and enlightenment through its translation and commentary.

Insights from Kanzul Iman

Delve into deeper understanding with Kanzul Iman's scholarly commentary, providing insights and interpretations to enrich your study of the Quran.

Applying Quranic Teachings

Find practical guidance for everyday life within the pages of Kanzul Iman, offering timeless wisdom and advice rooted in the teachings of the Quran.

Kanzul Iman's Legacy

Our commitment to accessibility, convenience, and inclusivity ensures that Kanzul Iman remains a cherished companion for Sunni Muslims adhering to Sahih-ul-Aqida, guiding them on their journey of understanding and connecting with the divine message of Islam.